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How would a paperless office work?

How it works:

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  • 2. Online Forms »
  • 3. Check-In »
  • 4. Sync »
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Cell Phone Text Message ReminderPT Reminders — Patients receive an optional email a few days before their scheduled appointment, and a text message several hours before their appointment. All appointments are automatically gathered from your PMP's appointment book and sent to patients, all without any staff interaction.

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Woman filling out forms from homePT Web — From the email reminder, patients can open and complete online patient forms from anywhere, before they ever set foot in your office. Patients can also access and complete online forms from your website.

Moving the waiting room to their home increases their comfort and convenience, and saves you valuable time.

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Signing Electronically In-OfficeSigning Patient Forms — When patients check in on day of their appointment, a summary of the answers they gave online pulls up and they can review and sign along with any consent forms. If a patient hasn't previously completed forms online, he/she can complete and sign them electronically while in the office.

Clinical Staff Reviewal — Clinical staff in your office can review, edit, add notes to, and sign off on completed patient forms.

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DataSync ModuleDatasync — Once patients have completed their forms, the data is instantly available to the front office administrators, and instead of having to manually type patients' info into the practice management program, they simply check the data for accuracy and then, with the click of a button, PT syncs the data into your practice management program, thus reducing or eliminating the need to manually enter the patient info.

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Subsequent Visit UpdatesSubsequent Office Visits — After the initial registration, return visits are even simpler! PT knows when a form needs to be updated, and will automatically open the form and require the patient to update it, eliminating the need for your staff to review past forms and prepare new ones to be signed. Patients' information will be presented to them, and it is simply up to them to make any necessary changes. Painless!

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